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Freight Shipping


Rooster Transport specializes in freight transport services and ice road trucking during the winter months. You can have your cargo delivered no matter what the season. If you need anything shipped safely and securely while maintaining a speedy delivery time, we are your company.

From big items like containers, and cars to smaller ones like paper documents, we are the import export specialists in the Winnipeg area. Ask us about our trucking transportation options today! A helpful and professional team member will take down the necessary information of your package or larger items that are going to be shipped and will list out the types of transportation services we provide.

Rooster Transport is a trucking company that has specialized in ice road trucking for the past 23 years. We have service in remote communities in northern Manitoba, northwest Ontario, and as far as north as the Hudson Bay via ice roads. For more information, call Rooster Transport in Winnipeg, MB to learn more about our speedy delivery service and to receive a freight shipping quote.divider-37709_1280

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