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Ice Road Trucking

There are currently thousands of ice road trucking employment opportunities up for grabs. Whether you're looking for a truck driver to drive across the country or a truck driver to face even the toughest of ice roads, Rooster Transport is here to help with our professional transportation services.

The high turnover rate in ice road trucking, while alarming, ensures that our trucking company has gained the experience to handle any jobs available. Our drivers have the stamina and enthusiasm for the trucking services industry. Life on ice roads is certainly an exhilarating experience.

Yes, as you may already be aware, the turnover rate in the ice road trucking industry is high. People come and go and jump from job to job. Thankfully with Rooster Transport, you don't have to worry about any freight delivery service you hire us for. While on any given day throughout the ice road trucking season most trucking companies lose a lot of their driver's, our trucks are out on those roads carrying goods we all need.

If you're looking for an ice road trucking company that can get the job done, simply call +1 (204) 582-7330 or visit us in Winnipeg, MB today for more information!